The Dinetik Platform
The Dinetik Platform is a suite of software products that gives a simple and seamless user experience when working with 3D printers.

Experience 3D printing

Print your 3D models use Cloud, Desktop or Mobile application
The Astroprint Cloud
Dinetik Cloud is where your 3D printing files, settings, history, get stored. You can then plug into that cloud from your favorite Dinetik software.
Astroprint Desktop App
Dinetik Desktop software is a free & full-service 3D Print management solution for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.
Astroprint Mobile App
The easiest way to manage your 3D printers. Remote monitoring, wireless printer management, print notifications, and more.

The Astroprint Cloud

Your Dinetik Cloud account is where your 3D printing files, settings, print history, and more, get stored. You can then plug into that cloud from anywhere, via desktop software, mobile apps, web browsers or touchscreens.


You can access and manage printers from any device connected to the web.
Print Queues is an app where you are able to create, edit and remove print queues for your print files.
With our cloud slicing engine, you can slice right from your phone.
Learn how you can create your own applications on top of the Dinetik API platform.
Check out all the apps and easily you use them on your 3D printer.
Software is compatible with .stl and .obj formats, you can start the new project or load and work.

Astroprint Desktop

Astroprint Desktop software takes 3D printer management to the next level with a mix of offline and cloud-connected features. Managing your 3D Printer has never been easier. Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Scale, Rotate, and Multiply Objects

With Astroprint Desktop you can: Scale your designs. Rotate your designs. Arrange multiple objects on your print bed. Duplicate & multiply to make more copies of your designs. Push up, or pull down, designs and full print-plates via your Dinetik account.

Print Wirelessly, or via USB Cable

One of the cool features of Astroprint Desktop is its ability to print via USB. All you need to do is plug the printer in via USB to a laptop or desktop. Of course, Astroprint Desktop can connect to it wirelessly. If you have never used Astroprint Desktop and have a compatible 3D Printer, it is one of the best and easiest entry points into trying our platform.

Inspect Your Prints With the GCODE Viewer

GCODE viewer is a neat tool that will allow you to do things like: View the print paths of your GCODE files. Analyze your design layer by layer before printing. Analyze the print speed (represented by different shades of the SAME COLOR). Tweak settings and see the changes reflected visually in the viewer.

Find Your Printers Easily

Another useful feature of Astroprint Desktop is its ability to find your printers with ease. If your printers are remote, Astroprint Desktop can find them through your account. If your printers are in your local network, Astroprint Desktop can find them through the network.

Sync With the Astroprint Cloud

With your Astroprint Cloud account, you can easily access and import all of your files, printers, materials, and custom settings.

Astroprint Mobile

With Astroprint Mobile, you can instantly manage your 3D printers being anywhere.

Print from Your Astroprint Cloud File Manager

Astroprint Mobile’s File Manager will be always in sync with your Cloud’s File Manager. With Astroprint Mobile, you have the ability to: Print design and change its name. Delete a design. Move the design to a project folder for better organization. Check out your 3D Printing analytics, and more...

Remotely Monitor Your Printer

You can visually inspect your print bed anytime by taking a quick snapshot. In addition to visual monitoring, you can also monitor key temperature readings (like a print bed, extruder) as well.

Get Push Notifications About Printer Status

One of the most useful features is push notifications. With Astroprint Mobile, you’ll be able to receive push notifications when your print finishes.

View Your Print History and Print Analytics

In the app, you can sort your designs by filters. You can re-print designs directly from the Print History section. Also, you can see interesting statistics about your print history.

Print from the Thingiverse App

You can search thousands of 3D Printable designs and start printing immediately from the app. With just two steps. All you need to do is search for a design, and start printing.

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